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Hello everyone,

I'm building a 72 bowfront and instead of using Greatstuff (GS) I bought Lepage titefoam (Canadian equivalent to Loctite titefoam, [I think]). After seeing its 4x better density and increased rigidity I was sold.

From the MSDS they use a similar "recipe" as GS: hydrocarbon propellant (propane, butane, and isobutane), Methylenebis(phenylisocyanate), dimethyl ether, and polyethylene prepolymer [Titefoam doesn't explain what this as does GS].

I used the foam and was really impressed at its smooth application (easier than GS), its smaller pores, and more rigid structure. It carved and sanded really well.

I am sealing the product with Drylok and cannot fill every conceivable pore. What are your thoughts on this? If the foam I used were Greatstuff Gaps and Cracks would this be a problem? The product does not advertise anything for mold hinderance, etc., and states it is suitable for indoor and outdoor projects.

Thanks for your input,
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