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The amazing LLL Vivarium Building Workshop is back again!

Always wanted to build a vivarium, but you weren't sure how?

Do you know how to do a planted vivarium, but you're not sure about the steps for a waterfall vivarium?

Want step by step help to build a cool cage for small tropical reptiles?

We have you covered!

Come learn how to build a beautiful planted vivarium with us!

For only $59, get over $125 worth of stuff to build your own waterfall vivarium!

You'll get the following -
12 x 12 x 18 ZooMed Terrarium
12 x 18 cork background
ZooMed waterfall kit with tubing, hydroton, pump, and mesh
Eco Earth bedding
Cypress mulch
Medium Mopani wood
72" flexible vines
1 4" potted plant
Gravel rock for your water feature

PLUS exclusive coupons just for vivarium attendees!

Only for local residents - if you want to join, please call or visit LLLReptile and Supply in ESCONDIDO. Click here for event details!

This event takes place Sunday, March 9th at 3 pm. Can't make it in person, but want to follow along? We'll stream it LIVE on Ustream!

Order your own living vivarium supplies to be shipped to your home!


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