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So I am bored in class and am wondering what order of frogs people got them in and amounts. Also how long it took you to acquire that amount of frogs and what got you started in the hobby

So As for myself I started by buying a trio of Leucomelas in a 10 gal in November of 2009 from a apartment owner whos roommate had skiped out on him and left the frogs. For a 10gal and 3 leucs i thought it was time to get into frogs and decided to buy them. After 2 months I found out they were Banded leucs. This progressed into building my first tanks which took very long to plan and diddent turn out that great. I went to a local dart frog meet and learned alot and purchased a trio of orange lamasi and a trio of Nominal imitators.
Shorty after I got
1.1 Mancreeks,
1.2 Nominal Leucs
1.1 Patricais
1.1 Blue n black Auratus ( sold)
1.1 Grean and black Auratus (sold)
0.0.3 Varaderos
1.1 Azureus
0.0.3 Varaderos ( not a mistype)
0.0.6 Mints
1.1 Gold Dust Bastamentos
1.0 Varadero ( now 2.3.2)
0.1 Azureus
0.0.3 Vanzolli (No 1.0.2)
2.1 Std Lamasi
1.1 Matechos
1.1 Citronella
1.1 Dwarf Cobalts
1.1 "southern" Cobalts Recent imports
0.0.1 Blue Jean
And tomorrow
1.1 Azureus
and at the next meet
2.0 Golden mantellas
1.0 Azureus

Can you say addicting?

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So far, all I have are the 0.0.3 Orange Lamasi and they are great frogs. I wouldn't call them bold, but not nearly as shy as the accounts I've read. 2 of the 3 are in the open at least four hours a day. The other one is a much better hider.

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I started with a 18x18x24 zoomed and bought 3 leucs from a local hobbyist. I then made my way to a reptile show for supplies, and only came back with 3 costa Rican green and blacks. Since then, I've got another c.r. g&b, 2 nominal imitators, 5 Panamanian auratus, 8 vittatus, 2 mancreeks, 2 tarapoto imis, 3 matecho tincs, and 2 mints.....phew.

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I got into the hobby back in 2008. First frogs were azerues from Lee Nowak( Infrogneato). I then got a great craigslist deal for a trio of standard luecs that all ended up male. Currently this is what is in the collection.

1.1 Mancreeks
1.1 Bri Bri
1.1 Solarte
1.1 Escudos
1.1 El Dorado
1.1 Veradero
1.1 Almirante
1.1 Cayo De Agua
1.1 Olemarie
1.1 Azerues
1.1 Standard Luecs
1.1 Bakhius
2.1 Carchari Valley imis
0.0.3 Vittatus
1.1 Vanzolini
0.0.3 Orange Lamasi
1.1 Lowland Fants
0.0.3 Yellow Terribillis
1.1 Costa Rican Aratuas
1.0.1 Benedicta

Coming soon

1.1 Mint Teribillis
0.0.4 Banded Luecs
0.0.2 Grannies

Wish list

1.1 Tarapotos ( Just think they are cool looking)
Many others as well.

Converting my garage into a frog room so about 100 more morphs to go. lol!

I'm not addicted!:rolleyes: Ok! maybe just a little:D

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Short list:
0.0.3 D leucomelas - Feb 2011 to current
0.0.3 R lamasi "Orange" - March 2011 to current

Future plans:
0.0.4 D auratus - April 2011
0.0.5 M aurantiaca - April 2011
1.1.0 E tricolor "Santa Isabel" - summer '11?
1.1.0 D reticulatus - fall '11?

That is a shortened list... I'm sure the numbers will grow...

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oh, this is a fun thread...

0.0.4 Azureus (1 died, now 1.2, purchased 5/2010)
0.0.4 Green foot Leucs (bought in january of this year, waiting to hear them call!)

Then the "addiction" hit...

0.0.1 Azureus tad from coxdre123 (he just popped front legs!)
1.1.1 Variabilis (linbo)
1.2 Orange Lamasi, Czech line (0.0.2 more are waiting on a ship date)
1.1 FG Vents Stewart line (1.1 more are waiting on a ship date)
2.2 R. Amazonica (first tad hatched this week! need line info, anybody know what line Taron @ Reptiles Etc. has? can't get ahold of him)
0.2 R. Imitator Nominant Nabors line (anybody have a calling male to trade?)
1.1 R. Imitator Varadero UE line (newest and favorite frog)

and also waiting on a ship date I have...
0.2 R. Vanzolinii (anybody have a calling male?)

Wish list (in the future, for now i'm good)
1.1 Escudos
Ameerega Pepperi
Lowland Fants


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First frogs were 0.0.3 Hawaiian auratus(still have them), now i have:

1.0.3 Vents and will be picking up 4 fine spot leuc froglets around 8am today :)

Im sure i will have more in the future !

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Mine will be a short list. I got my first frogs last August.

1.0.3 Orange Galacts

Got these about six weeks ago. You could say I'm hooked.
0.0.3 Azureus
1.1.3 Iquitos Vents


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I can't even name all the frogs I have gotten and sold.. The frogs I have now are:
1.2 citronella
1.1 cobalt
1.1.3 azureus
0.0.4 leuc
0.0.6 orange galact
0.0.2 red galact
0.0.2 mint terribilis
0.0.3 orange terribilis
1.0 pumilio mancreek

I know I'm probably missing some.. Lol. But that's what I can think of right now.

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First frogs purchased in August of 2010 were R. varadero 0.0.5 which turned out to be a 2.3 group. My 1.2 breeding group in the main display have started to lay eggs and tads every where.
0.0.5 group of R. Lamasi 'Orange' this Feb. A buddy gave me 4 tads 2 morphed out healthy 2 with SLS. He gave me 3 juvis to replace the bad morphed tads all for free.
0.1.0 R.variabilis purchased in Feb recieved this week.
Purchsed but have not recived yet(due to weather and slower growth)-
0.0.3 R. variabilis should be delivered in May
0.0.3 R. Flavovittata same shipment as R. variabilis in May

Needless to say I have work to due in the basement setting up racks and building vivs. I already know these will not be the last frogs....To many that are must haves to not have them all.

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darn i thought i was going to be the first galact
0.0.1 bakhui
0.0.1 azureus
0.0.2 orange galact
0.0.1 lemon galact

Doug, why the vents? just curious kinda opposite ends of the spectrum?
Well since I am new to these cool frogs I figured I should own a few different types and see what I like the best;). I really like the vents. I think part of it is because they are a little shy and when you see two or three of them hanging out together under a broom it's a treat.

I like the Azureus because they are bold and blue.

The Galacts are kind of in between a little shy some times and other times they run around acting like they just graduated from clown college.

I will most likely stick with the larger frogs if (I said if, my wife must have been in the room) when I purchase more, well maybe some more thumbs or... I might as well admit it I'm hooked.


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I as many others also started with a couple leucomelas a couple of years ago.

Now I have
2.1 D Leucomelas
0.0.3 D tinctorius "paticia"
1.1 R variabilis
1.1 R imitator "varadero"
1.1 R imitator "intermedius
o.o.3 R fantastica (just go these yesterday!)
1.1 O pumilio "bastimentos"
1.1 O pumilio "colon"
1.1 O pumilio "isla popa"
1.0.1 O pumilio "el dorado"

various tads and froglets from above

No new frogs until I get a bigger apartment...

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I started out with a 0:0:1 stardard Imitator Then i traded my 1 imi to Allen hunter for what was believed to be a 1:1:1 trio of O lamasi

I now have:

0:0:1 Standard Imitator ( back from Allen)
1:0:1 O. Lamasi ( 1 disappeared have no idea where it went)
0:0:1 Azureus tad
0:0:1 Variabilis tad
0:0:2 saurian Cobalts ( patrick nabors line)
0:0:2 Leucs ( 1 dissappeared out of QT cant find anywhere)
0:0:3 Patricia ( quality captives)
0:0:3 new river ( vanishing Jewels)

Future frogs:

1:1 dwarf cobalt
1:1 yellow backs
1:1 citronellas
1:1 orange phyllobates (spelling)
1:2 thumbnails havent decided which yet
1:1 Azureus
1:1 auratus

Theres so many more id like but this is just a start. itll take me along time to get them as the money alllows but they are on a future wish list!

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