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In the past two months or so I've gotten about 20-30 tad poles from my vents. Several of them lately have died =/ I'm not sure why, but I have noticed some different behavior from the ones that ended up dying. They seem "listless", now most of the tad poles I've had/seen don't seem incredibly active but they stay on the bottom and stay '"right-side up." The tad poles that have been dying seem to float and maybe rest on the bottom, I'd think they were already dead but every once in a while they shimmy/squirm (almost like a tad still trapped in the egg sac).

I've been keeping them with a little bit of java moss and suriname almond leaves occaisionally feeding them tetra min flakes. The "list-less" ones are normally that way before they get much bigger than what they were in their egg, and normally haven't been fed yet (maybe once).

Since they're newly hatched at this point I can't think its a water quality issue? besides other tads in identical conditions seem to do fine. Is it possible they are choking on remenants of their egg sac?

Has anyone else seen this before?

thanks for any responses,


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Hey Tad

I have had the same problem with my vent tads as well, but I have only see it in a couple of them. At first I suspected gas bubble disease, but the bouyancy is not as dramatic. Erin suspects that it is due in part to improper tad development with regards to the GI tract. I.E. Incomplete gastrointestinal development. But, who knows? I;m not sure about the egg eating issue. I just don't know, but I do know that egg extractions do require the tads to spend a lot of energy. I have lost a few tads from failure to thrive after emerging from their egg sacks. Sorry to hear about the problem, I'm sure it will get better over time as you get more generations of tads.
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