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It's been awhile since any posts have been created on the use of "liquid calcium" so I thought I would being up the topic with a new product out on pet store shelves.

I recently was told I have a frog with hypocalcemia; however, this frog receives dust fruit flies 3 times a week with Repashy Calcium ICB. The frog immediately eats dusted flies once they are in the tank and is evidenced by being nice and plump. However, approx. 3 months ago the frog would have seizures that last about 15-20 seconds whenever I opened the Zoomed door. I began feeding 5 doses a week of dusted fruit flies and even purchased a new bag of Repashy to ensure the bag was not just "out dated."

Last week I purchased a 1.7 oz vial of FLUKER'S LIQUID CALCIUM that I saw on the shelve of a new local petstore. The expiration date was 07/2013. The ingredients state: water, calcium chloride and calcium lactate with a guaranteed analysis of not less than 6% calcium. So I thought, "What the heck?!" dusting flies is not doing any good so let's try it. Two days ago I place 1 drop (with the vial dropper) on the dorsal side of the frogs back and I did not go back to the frog until today (nearly 24 hours later). This time, no problem (seizures) were observed during opening of the enclosure and providing flies. The frog actually immediately jumped away (to hid) and then reached for some flies.

Success? I will continue to monitor for seizure activity.
Anyone have any research or experience with this "new" product?
How was the frog diagnosed?

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