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Lights of America Floodlight wiring

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I need a little help with this. To my understanding, there is no "junction" box to attach to, and I have not found a green wire. I understand where the black and white wires should go (I think :? ), but what is the greenwire?
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Has anyone else used the lights of america 6500k quad CF bulb? I was wondering how hot that thing runs?!
The green is the ground wire (sometimes its not really green. How many seperate wires are there? There should be three).

If you dont have an extension cord, or if the fixture never came with one, id go and buy (or you may have an extra around your house) a computer cord and cut off the end. Strip the wires and connect them to the fixture. Be sure to use heat tape and other safety procedures before plugging it in.

That's the problem I'm having. I DO NOT see three wires. Just the black and white ones. Is it actually inside the fixture? I don't want to screw around with it too much, as if its not something i can use, I may not be able to get a refund. ($40)

Are we even talking about the same fixture here? FCA has used the work light kind. Mine is the actual security one that hooks up to "junction box."
I just saw those yesterday at homedepot and realy liked what i was seeing, and was very interested. I was wondering if they came with a balast and all the necesary equipment to get it going?

On some fixtures, the ground wire actually attaches to the fixture... usually through a small hole with a screw to compression fit the wire. Its been a long time, but I believe ahsupply kits do this. You attach the green wire from the cord directly to the ballast.

I did fiddle around with it the other night, and I got a look at the ballast. Its some kind of circuit board looking thing. If I wanted to make my own ground wire, what part of the circuit board will I need to sodder one on?

Unfortunatley, I do not have a picture.

Think I could get by without a grounded cord, if I just use a grounded outdoor timer?
I got my loa 65w 6500k at HD. I use it on a 10 gal ref., and I like it. It did require a little simple wiring. Get a grounded drop cord, cut the male end off at whatever length you need, black wire (cord) to black wire (lamp), white wire to white wire, attach the green wire (cord) to lamp housing. You might want to do a search for LOA on this and other boards for the product #, and read about failures some people have had with these lights. I have been using mine for almost 11 months with no problem.

I don't know much about HPS, but I have seen them in the outdoor lighting section at HD

I just found this information on a reef forum. Where does it hook up inside the ballast? Anything I should look for?
You shouldn't need to hook the ground up to the ballast as it is usually grounded already to the fixture. In all the MH and VHO lighting setups I have wired over the years, the fixture is always connected to the green ground wire. The junction box they are talking about in the instructions is the one you are mounting the light to. Since you aren't mounting the light on your house, you have no junction box, so attache the ground wire to the metal fixture. Use a self-tapping screw or something like that.

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