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hey all-
firstly apologies for once again hijacking a dart frog forum for gecko questions, but the question pertains to naturalistic vivaria so it applies to your vast knowledge. and honestly, this is the best resource for this type of experience.

anyway, i have a zoo med NT-4 (18x18x24) set up naturalistically with a silicon & cocofiber FB with hydroton drainage layer under an ABG equivalent substrate & planted under 2x 6500k CFL's (see vivarium here).

my question is aimed at all you naturalistic planted vivaria keepers with nocturnal animals in them. how do you go about night-viewing during their most active period w/o affecting the animals day/night schedules or the plants day/night schedules?

here is my question posted on gecko forums where i got either no answer or absolute rubbish:

i have a crestie in a planted naturalistic vivarium. she mostly sleeps during the day. but at night is very active. though i can hear her jumping around, it's hard to actually see what she's up to. my question is do cresties not recognize red light wavelengths so you can view them at night with a red bulb without disturbing their day/night schedules as you can do with leos? also- i read that green wavelengths don't affect plants photosynthesis so you can use green lights at night w/o affecting plants day/night schedules.

so . . basically can i use a dim green light (maybe a low-output LED) to view my crestie during her most active period (night) w/o affecting either her or the plants day/night schedules?

how do people with cresties in planted vivs do night-time viewing? or do they generally just not have any lights at night? thanks!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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