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Lighting issues in my viv

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I'm getting 2 tincs, a 1.1 thing, and I was worried about 2 urgent things, yeah yeah, dont freakin tell me 2 tincs won't work/breed in a horz 10 g, idc! I know they will be happy. But now to the ISSUES. My biggest one being lighting. When I put my glass cover on, it cuts out ALOT of light. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 without the lid being on, and 0 being no lights on at all. It's about 6-6.5 with the cover on. I'mm worried because i'm getting broms and worried they would die, and also 8 vines. My SECOND ISSUE is tincs and laying eggs inside the cup of the broms. Why can't I just leave the eggs/tads in them? Why do I have to take them out? Please help. I've never bred darts before and had success, so please help. I really want to raise some tads and sell some to make more money for the root system build I have in mind. Thank you !
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Wow what? o.o
Not going to find many people wanting to help with an attitude like that...
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