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Lighting issues in my viv

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I'm getting 2 tincs, a 1.1 thing, and I was worried about 2 urgent things, yeah yeah, dont freakin tell me 2 tincs won't work/breed in a horz 10 g, idc! I know they will be happy. But now to the ISSUES. My biggest one being lighting. When I put my glass cover on, it cuts out ALOT of light. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 without the lid being on, and 0 being no lights on at all. It's about 6-6.5 with the cover on. I'mm worried because i'm getting broms and worried they would die, and also 8 vines. My SECOND ISSUE is tincs and laying eggs inside the cup of the broms. Why can't I just leave the eggs/tads in them? Why do I have to take them out? Please help. I've never bred darts before and had success, so please help. I really want to raise some tads and sell some to make more money for the root system build I have in mind. Thank you !
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Wow what? o.o
When did you get a 10 gallon viv? You have been posting pictures of what started as a 10 gallon viv, but with your background and large pond, it is obvious that you have only about 5 gallons of space. So lets be honest here and you can tell us that you are cramming these frogs into a 5 gallon viv and you really don't care what we think about it.
To anyone else, I apologize for my attitude here but op has pretty much set the tone of this post's "attitude".
I guess I take personal offense to an op telling the entire board to shove it, in the very first sentence.
Eh, I guess you are right. And I do apologize for my attitude. I did make the pond smaller, but it was alot of work, but now I have about 8 gallons of space. If 2 tincs wont work, do you think an imitator would? no? thanks.
Sorry Johny I was at work that night on my lunch and I didnt have the time to fully post all the thoughts going on in my mind.
Lets see if I can help... BTW yes what everyone said as to my post Wow.... was exactly what i was refering to, anyway on to the helping part.

1. Yes while it may be possible to set up a 10 gal tank for a breeding pair of tincs lets start with the obvious, do you know for a fact that they are a breeding pair or are you going to buy 2 frogs or even froglets IN HOPES of obtaining a breeding pair.
Lets first say you by 2 frogs in hopes they are... you put them in the 10 gal tank and you take off to the store, school (i asume your young enough to still be in school) or work for a few hrs and come back to a dead frog...
Why you will ask, its probably because the tank was so small there was no were to retreat to for the bullied frog, even in a big tank at least there may be a retreat till you rescue.

2. Even the pros here probbly dont use 10gal for tincs. Did you bother to ask them if this was wise?
Me personaly... I feel tincs are way to big for a 10 gal. By the time you set up background with plants and rocks and vines and what ever you put into it there is no way I would ever house tincs in a 10gal. I probably wouldnt even house Thumbs in a 10 gal. but thats me and I am only a novice (started in March but have read Dendroboard and Dartfrogz and Frog Forums EVERY DAY since my start in March) 10 gal in my oppinion is a great QT tank.

3. Lighitng and your top, If you honestly put your top on and its cutting your light by that much I would guess that the material your top is made of is not a good top.
Is it glass? is it Lexan? is it plexiglass? does it have some sort of tint to it?
I whent to the local glass shop and got a 16 7/8 x 14 3/8 and 1/8 thick glass piece cut for 11.00 non tinted non tempered straight up glass.

4. Bromes wont die from lack of light they will not fully color in lack of light.
Vines on the other hand fully depends on the type of vine, but in most cases they just will grow very slowly due to lack of light.

5. As for removing eggs I can not answer that maybe someone will be as nice as I have been and answer your question. I will sugest that it may have something to do with A. succsess rate or B. other frogs eat them. In wich case if you get a breeding pair and not a trio you might not have an issue and can leave them in the brom. AGAIN I am not the guy for this answer.

In closing Johny dont open a post statting flaws to your build and telling people to ignor them in hopes of advice on other issues.

This is an EXPENSIVE HOBBY and should be treated with RESPECT!!!!
If you had 2 children right now and they were kept in a closet do you actualy think they would be happy?
Placing 2 tincs in a 10gal box how do you know they will be happy?
You cant force happiness

Also yes the extra money you might make from selling frogs would be nice this hobby is in no way profitable. By the time you spend on Tank Tank Build materials Frogs Food QT tanks Tadpole growth equipment shipping materials and shipping I doubt you will make enough money to buy a can of GS.

Anyway Johny I hope you read this I hope you think about some of the things we mentioned to you and I hope you learn from it, not just about the frogs but about your self as well.
best of luck to you and your frogs!

I did ask about frogs in my 10g in another thread. People were suggesting luecs, auratus, and tincs. They said luecs don't use the water feature, so that was out right away. So I was left with auratus and tincs. Since I had a background, I thought the tincs would be happy if they could and some space there. So I thought tincs, then I went overboard. I guess I was stupid. I did research after putting this post up about tincs and auatus. People said they could keep 1 auratus easily in a 10 gallon, and some used the waterfall. As with tincs, there wasa lot of debate for them in a 10 gallon, let alone a 10g with awaterfall. If you could put some imput on how you think auratus would do i'd be very happy. Thanks!
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