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Lighting issues in my viv

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I'm getting 2 tincs, a 1.1 thing, and I was worried about 2 urgent things, yeah yeah, dont freakin tell me 2 tincs won't work/breed in a horz 10 g, idc! I know they will be happy. But now to the ISSUES. My biggest one being lighting. When I put my glass cover on, it cuts out ALOT of light. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 without the lid being on, and 0 being no lights on at all. It's about 6-6.5 with the cover on. I'mm worried because i'm getting broms and worried they would die, and also 8 vines. My SECOND ISSUE is tincs and laying eggs inside the cup of the broms. Why can't I just leave the eggs/tads in them? Why do I have to take them out? Please help. I've never bred darts before and had success, so please help. I really want to raise some tads and sell some to make more money for the root system build I have in mind. Thank you !
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I've never bred darts before and had success, so please help.
I wonder why you haven't had any success... Thumbnails would be better suited for that kind of viv, but I wouldn't suggest a thumbnail until you get some experience with the larger, beginner frogs. Two tincs would be a great start, but please listen to the rest of the board when they tell you that tank won't be suited for them. They are terrestrial frogs that need plenty of floor space. They like to lay their eggs on petri dishes placed under coco huts. Please do some more research before you go ahead and purchase these frogs.
No prob Johny. Come by and we'll shake and make up. You can check out my thumbnail vivs. You're not that far from me.
Visit Doug!! He is very knowledgeable and would be a great mentor for anyone getting into the hobby :D
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