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Hey everybody. A couple Q's.

First the easy Q. I will be using the exo-terra thermometer/hygrometer combo to measure. Where in the tank should the probe go for more accuracy. i.e bottom, middle or top of the tank. I have an 18" exo-cube and a 10 gallon vert.

Next Q. Lighting. I have the exo terra hood for the 18" cube for two bulbs. It states to use max 26 watts for CFL or 25 for incandescent per bulb. I went to HD and bought EcoSmart 19-Watt (75W) Daylight Household CFL Light Bulbs (2-Pack) - ES5M819250K at The Home Depot 19watt "Daylight" bulbs and EcoSmart 23-Watt (100W) Bright White CFL Light Bulbs (2-Pack) - ES5M823235K at The Home Depot23 watt "Bright White" bulbs. However, the hood didnt turn on with the 23 watt ones and seemed dim with the 19 watt ones.(yes I did try them in another light to make sure they worked) Does anyone know why this is? However, I found some other generic ones in my garage rated at 2700k lumens at 23 watts which did work? I don't get it if the watts are the same as the bright whites and have more lumens...Does bright white or daylight matter?

Long story short, will this work on my exo terra, as in enough light for the plants?(two 23 watt 2700k bulbs for the Exo and one 23 watt 1500k bright white for the 10 gallon) I do have glass covering the top screens on the exo.
and should I raise the hood a few inches from the top of both tanks since that one brom is practically touching the top?

SORRY for the long post. :( I tried searching for the answer I promise.:D

Thanks in advance.

*P.s. leaf litter and more plants coming soon. Any suggestions/concerns in regards to the tanks welcome since these are my

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