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I'm planning to get 2 whites tree frogs and keep them in an 18x18x24 exo terra enclosure (bioactive) as my first ever frogs. I really need some help on lighting and heating.

My plan is to get a ceramic heat emitter and keep it on 24/7. but since that doesn't emit light, I will have to get a light and have a 12/12 day night cycle. Now my problem(s):

1. I have no idea what brand and wattage to use for my enclosure size (ceramic heat emitter)
3. I've heard some places that UVB causes radiation that is actually harmful to frogs? Is it true?

Conclusion: I just really need a brand for the ceramic heat emitter and a light that I can use together with it and what wattage to use for my enclosure size.
(sorry this was so long. this is my first post and I have a lot of questions)
Thank you!
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