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lighting ? for 29 and 20H gallon viv

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sorry for asking this redundant question, i just couldnt find anything that clearly answered my question. So im super new and im planning out a vivarium either a 29 or a 20 high tank. my question is what lighting set up to use? liking CFLs (6500K) bc of the cost . So lets say i used them in a compact hood and set them on top of the tank. Would this be too hot for the plants? (i plan on using maybe 3 small growing bromiliads a few low growing plants and maybe moss)

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Welcome: I have cfl's on top of my tanks, and it may warm them up just a bit but nothing to worry about.
CFLs will get very warm. The price is good but, if you cant keep your temps down, dead frogs are more expensive. try and raise the light off the top and have a fan that blows on the lightbulb.

I bought a 24" T5 HO Aquarium Light Hood Freshwater Plant Tropical Fish 6500K 48W Odyssea | eBay
It seems to work great on my 20H.
I think that would be fine. I have VHO lighting that is a lot hotter than CFLs and my tank does not get too hot. Good luck
ok thanks yall and if i was to use the cfls would dual cfls in a hood setup be enough? how about the wattage would that matter any too lets say something like 13watts
I like to have 2.5 watts per gallon.
ok thanks mordoria. I figure 3 13w cfls in a 20h tank or maybe 2 24w cfls in a 29 would work then. and im looking into those t5 lights on ebay, you said they work good for you?
I just recently added some CFLs to the top of my 29 gallon vert and I like that it warms the tank up a little during the day, just a few degrees, because my room is a bit cooler during the winter.

Always take frequent temps no matter the lighting you use however... better to find a problem yourself before waiting for your frogs to tell you about it.
Thanks guys. looks like im probably going with cfls. so basically i just have to monitor the heat in the tank and like someone mentioned just raise up the lights off the glass some. im mainly concern with my future plants i dont want to burn them. Lol im nowhere near ready for any type of dart frogs yets
No doubt that CFL’s do the job and are a cheaper alternative. If you don’t want to have to worry about heat I’d suggest you take a good look at the new LED lights. They’ve come a long way over the past year and a half, or so, and if you’re willing to spend a tad more for arguably a longer life and no heat it’s an option that shouldn’t be dismissed.

You can find these gems at Light Your Reptiles.
Upgraded 9 Watt Day White LED Unit *Powerful*
11 Watt Day White LED Unit
13 Watt Bright White LED Unit ** 60 Diodes ** Brightest **

Whatever you decide best of luck to you! :)
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If you dont have frogs, then heats not such an issue. I have an empty viv thats for plants, it loved having 2x23w cfls. I raised it up off the tank for some air flow and to help spread the light.

As for the 24", I like it on my 20H. I love a lush tank.
But what would be the lighting for a 20 gallon long tank because I am having trouble deciding and finding.
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