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I have been using geolite for my latest tanks with a fine layer of gravel over it. It has greatly cut down the weight of my tanks. It is more expensive though.

Also check out office max for peanuts they used to sell them very very cheap.

geckguy said:
I have recently began using styrofoam peanuts in place of gravel or a false bottom, I started about 4 months ago, and they have held up great with no ill effects on the frogs. They greatly lightened up my tanks. I was trying to move my leuc tank, a 20h with 3 inches of gravel, into my new frog room and the tank weighed at least 50 lbs. I was worried the bottom was going to fall right through. The same tank with the peanuts only weights about 10 pounds. My plants root into it well too. All I do is add a 2-3 inch layer of peanuts, then a layer of sphagnum moss. They are a little more expensive than gravel but I think they are well worth the cost. If any body wants to try this use the s shaped white peanuts that don't disolve in water. If anybody has any questions feel free to ask.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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