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Life Within a Vocal Sac

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The unique early development of Darwin’s frogsBy EDGE Fellow Claudio Soto-AzatDarwin’s frogs are two species of endemic anurans: the Northern Darwin’s frog (Rhinoderma rufum) and the Southern Darwin’s frog (R. darwinii), which inhabits the temperate forest of central and south Chile, and an adjacent area in Argentina. Both species are of special conservation concern, while [...]

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K I for one never usually click on these feed threads....But holy cr*p! This one was worth it. The video on this is very cool, yet creeps me out at the same time. Haha so weird.
Holy Batman! That video was wicked. I was watching it waiting to see what GRIMM was talking about and then BAM!...

That is an interesting frog to say the least.

Wow, that's crazy. It looks like the male is going to explode!
Very cool video! And I thought pumilio took good care of their offspring.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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