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I'm not a fan of mixing although i beleive it can be done in some circumstances. Even then, except for a couple of instances, it is really more trouble than its worth...for me anyways.

I called Understory to get some info on a few of their frogs. I don't know how the topic came up, but the person on the phone said that it isn't uncommon for experienced keepers to keep Leucs with thumbnails.

I'm not advocating this, just trying to wrap my head around it. My understanding is thumbnails like the higher sections and Leucs the lower, but they still will occupy both. Hybridizing shouldn't be an issue with different a genus. Wouldn't the thumbnails get eaten up or just overwhelmed by the Leucs? I would think this would be one of those couplings that were never good.

is my understanding of the situation completely off? My call to Understory was as much to verify their advice and sourcing as anything else. Research is always key, but it is still nice to know if a source of info is reliable.

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