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1. What species ? How long have you had the frog(s) and where did you acquire them ?

Leucomelas Fine spot. I’ve had it for a little over two weeks now. I obtained them from a local breeder.

2. What are your temperatures (day and night - highs and lows) and how do you measure those temperatures? Does the vivarium have any supplemental heating, and if so, what type?

My frogs are at 77-80 F all day and night long. I live in a place where the days get pretty hot, so I have the AC on and at night once I turn off the lights It’ll be about 77 F. I measure this with two separate thermometers and an IR gun. There’s no supplemental heating necessary.

3. What lighting is on the enclosure (brand, type, wattage) and does the lighting add heat to the vivarium?

I have two Chihiros A301s turned on at about 60% brightness (18 watts each). It does heat the vivarium but I have a fan blowing onto the lights to blow the heat away.

4. What is the Humidity like (percentage or guesstimate)? What type of water are you using? What is your misting procedure (automated or hand mister, how long and how often)?

My humidity is between 80-100%, usually averaging in the low 90s. I’m using RO water. In the morning (9 AM) I hand mist for about 15 seconds and in the afternoon (4 PM) I use an electronic hand-held mister. I only use the electronic one in the afternoon because I find that it scares away my frog, making them harder to feed.

5. Describe your tank/enclosure and its lid or top, and give details about the ventilation (how many vents, where are they positioned, how large are they).

I have a 12x12x18 exoterra with front vents and a 1.5 inch gap at the top for ventilation which I increase or decrease depending on how dry things look.

6. What kind of food are you providing, how much and are you dusting it? What superfine powdered supplements (brand and exact product name) are you using and are they fresh (i.e. how long has the container been open, and how is it stored)?

I’m feeding them melanogaster dusted with Repashy Calcium Plus. Twice a day, approximately 10 flies each time. I dust with every feeding. I purchased the bottle with my frogs and they’re stored in the fridge.

7. Any other animals in the enclosure currently or recently? Tankmates / other frogs ?

Other than the frogs there are springtails, gestroi isopods, and some tiny flying bugs whose species I do not know, but they don’t seem to be harmful — they just fly around randomly and don’t seem to be mosquitoes.

8. Any type of behavior you would consider 'odd' ?

My frog is scratching its head with both of its front legs fairly often. Not 24/7 by any means, but it feels like it comes in waves and doing it far too often for me to feel comfortable. I don’t believe it’s due to the substrate being stuck on the frog as it does it even when it’s been resting on leaf litter. It's also not morning shedding as it does this throughout the day. I have noticed a slight color discoloration (brownish) on its head but given that it's a small frog it's difficult to tell if it's natural or something to be concerned about. It should be noted that this discoloration is only on one side of the frog's head while it seems to be using its arms to scratch both sides. I've also tried misting the frog with water in case it's due to an irritant but that didn't seem to help.

9. Have you handled or touched the frogs recently ? Any cleansers, paint, perfumes, bug sprays etc near the tank ?

No, I’ve never touched the frog nor sprayed anything near it. I have used rubbing alcohol multiple times near the tank to disinfect things, but I don’t believe it’s ever found its way into the tank.

10. Take pictures of EVERYTHING -- the frogs, the enclosure, the vents. Take numerous pics of everything - that will be of great help.
I can't properly expose my picture for the life of me and my phone doesn't want to cooperate so the enclosure looks a lot brighter than it actually is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I just over thinking things? It doesn't scratch itself all of the time, but when it does it does so fairly often.


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Possibly not related to the behaviour you're witnessing but that tank is quite small and isn't designed to maximize the useful space for the frog. The background looks like it's taking up a ton of floorspace and parts of the background look rather pointy, and could have caused a scrape to the frog (which is my best guess at what's going on with it's head and the scratching activity)

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Perusing past threads, it seems that a very likely suspicion is that the undersized viv is causing a handful of issues for your frogs (I don't see that the number of frogs in this group was ever noted) -- mobility issues, feeding concerns, the present odd behavior that could well be either an opportunistc infection or simple "nervous" behavior, either of which can be brought on by the stress of crowding and general environmental discomfort.

Likely the high light (can tell from the color of the Neo) and lack of shade/shelter is exacerbating the stress. A much larger viv (minimum 18 x 18 x 24 for a pair, bigger is better) with more easily negotiated hardscape (climbing structures that aren't vertical) and much more cover (the bottom half of the viv ideally would be pretty shaded so the frogs can self-regulate how light-blasted they want to be) should be a priority.
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