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Length of breeding season for aurantiaca

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I am new to Mantellas. I have a group of nine aurantiaca which I believe consists of five cb females and four wc males. They have been breeding a lot and in the last four weeks or so I have pulled 7-8 clutches, six of which were at least partially fertilized. I am wondering if I need to pull the males or will they stop on their own? I would like to maximize their breeding but at the same time dont want the females to burn out.

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Ask stemcellular. He keeps them so he should know. I'm guessing they are like darts and you might need to pull the males b/c they could cause some stress on the females if they keep breeding. You could aslo put them in a dry season to stop them from breeding.Hope this helps.
Jeremy, try ventilating the tank, cease misting, and feed a little less. That should do the trick.
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