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Being new to the hobby a few months back.. I walk into lowes looking my usual Reefer/Dart frog nerd type hobby self. I ask them about the clay pellets use for drainage. At the time, I didnt know their original use. I had a bunch of soil, moss, etc in my hands. The lowes go goes "ohh, for hydroponics" and gives me the "look". Anyone else get the "hey your a herb grower" look and slight chuckle when you asked for LECA?

Just a funny storry. Bored at work today.
HA! Oh I'm very familiar with that look. People come into the store and ask, "You... You sell... Grow lights & hydroton...? The cops don't say anything?" :rolleyes: I had one guy come in and ask about some cactus plant that gets you high... Like I would know. :confused:

"If I was a dealer - I'd be in a nicer store." :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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