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As much as I hate to do this, I think I have to get out of the PDF keeping hobby for a bit. Times are tough right now and I need money. So I'm selling my set up and pretty much everything I have related to dart frogs. I don't really have the means to ship everything, so it would have to be to someone close to Cincinnati. I'm willing to drive to meet someone half way. So here's a brief summary of everything I've got:

20g high viv with eggcrate false bottom
Planted with pothos and broms
Stream/waterfall with pump and fake rocks
Hood, light, timer

5g grow out viv
Planted with pothos

20g X-high
Currently empty
Has a glass top

1.0.2 Suriname Cobalts
Calling male is 2 years old
2 unsexed will be 1 year old in December

Various supplies
A couple bricks of coco fiber and frog moss
A huge box of Manzanita branches
A couple pieces of cork bark
Some egg crate
3-4 Nut pods
1 bag of Oak leaf litter
Anything else I can find :)

15-20 Empty FF culture cups
4lbs Joshs Frogs fruit fly media
1 Josh's Frogs Spring Tail culture

I'd like to get $300 OBO for everything. You can see my craigslist ad with a couple pics here:
Dart Frogs and all supplies
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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