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Hi, this idea of mine cost a ton of money but I will tell you the story. So, I am going to make a greenhouse thats 3 ft. in the ground, 9x5x7 basickly. Thas has a 2 way door system. That has bricks on 3 sides, and 2 part plastic on the top and one side. It has a cement floor. 2 and 1/2 feet from each side will be bricks cemented 1 foot high. On each side will be dirt 8 inches high, with various plants with 2 dwarf banana plants for fruit and flies. Also, there will be a few tanks on metal stands for other sp. of frogs.
On the walls there will be hanging ferns and pathos. Free roamers will be eighter anoles or treefrogs. Do you have and suggestions for dendrobate free-roamers... ones that will be the biggest,boldest, and will not try to break out? If I have freeroaming dendrobates, i wont have free roaming treefrogs. I plan on havin it all natural light. My design of 2 layer plastic allows the heat to stat in when its winter. I will have allot of the stuff in there painted black with non-toxic paint to allow heat to build up. In the summer if it gets to hot, i will install a locking system in wich i can open it temporarily to allow excess heat to escape. Dont worry, I am going to have very good non-escape doors so frogs cant escape. Does anyone here know what els FF's culture in, as in, what types of fruit? In the summer at night i can collect small inscets to put in there...depending if they will kill FFs or not. So, if you have any sites or pics of such things please post. Thanks in advanse. BTW, I know it will cost allot of $$$ so dont over-post about that here. :)

BTW, I will take donations if you have some. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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