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Everything I ordered on monday (leaf litter, springtails, isopods) is still held up, and wont be arriving for another week or so. I had planned on picking up some frogs Sunday. Ill postpone if I have to, but I have cultured fruit flies and with the exception of the leaf litter and micro fauna the viv is done.

I live in southern NY, what kind of trees around here would be ok to use as leaf litter. Im cool with sterilizing them, I have an awesome basswood tree outside my house and it drops slender two inch leaves with its seed pods so theyre dried out but only the ground a few days and Id like to use some of them in the tank... Could i use these leaves?

btw if anyone in the area has isopods, springtails, or leaf litter for sale locally Id be really grateful

Well i herd ppl using maple leaves. The closest place to get springtails is
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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