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Laterite for moss

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I read a thread on here a little while ago discussing laterite in a planted terrarium. Well I just got finished laying down the gravel and laterite mixture for my planted 10 aqaurium and have quite a bit left over that I thought I would try for my next frog tank. I figure the laterite might help my plants but what about moss? Say I laid down a layer for the plants and then added soil (I usually mix cocohusk and orchid bark, any better and cheap soil mixes?) and another layer on top of that for the moss. Think that might work? Has anybody done this? The moss I use I collected from my yard but I don't know yet if it will need to be replaced because I've only had it for a short time. Would doing this help it to actually grow instead of just laying there or atleast make it last longer?
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okay, nobody? Well maybe I'll just experiment and report if nay good comes out of it.
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