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I think this will be the last pic I post of my art work till I get the site operational sometime this summer. I do more than frogs but since frogs are a passion and it realates to this site, I show frogs. If I showed everything I would be stealing the thunder of the site. ;) I do get excited to show my work and see other peoples work I must admit. I hope you enjoy.

cannot use image w/o my consent.

jason talbott

also if you are intrested in getting anything done I MAY consider it for frog trades. couple of rules though. I cant mimic a pic without losing all patience and giving up on it. so I wont do exacts of photographs because im too much of an impatient perfectionist for that. Not that I couldnt, but I wont. And you can give me an idea but i have to have some creative/style freedom if you are interested. Or i could just come up with something depending on the offer I got. Its an idea I have decided I would throw out.
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