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Last night

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So last night I fed my Female Almirante from the end of a safteypin. She took two hydei larve in one shot. I was only trying to use the pin to get the larve on the leaves of the broms but when I moved them close to her face she went for it!
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Safer method . When I feed larvae. There are a few tricks . First , start w/ a culture that is well started and before they start to pupate. Here is where it gets tricky! to get the most maggots you place the clulture in the dark . The maggots will come out of the media and upto the top where it is very easy to gather them . I use a plant lable stick us it like a spatula and them I even dust them w/ vitamins in a cup . Two benifits , the maggots separate and you can easly shake them into your tanks ,where hungry frogs are ant they are dusted . Oh ya reason # they don't have sharp pointy things any where near them . :D
My frogs love when I do feed them larvae and I believe that it dose them good w/ the extra fat (ask anyone who has seen my collection the are huge!)
One problem is that I found is in the life of a culture is there are only a few days that you can really collect that many larvae before they go to pupate .
No the culture dose not crash . There are plenty to go around but I guess that all depends how well you "seed" the culture to begin with .
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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