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Hi Guys,

Didn't want to post anything until I knew it was worthwhile. The LA Arboretum is having a fern and tropical plant show/sale this weekend.(June 11th and 12th) There was a lady that had a couple species of Microgramma ferns and some terrarium begonias. I picked up a Microgramma piloselloides for $4.
There was another guy that had terrarium begonias in plastic drink cups for $5 each or 5 for $20. I got B. rhizocarpa, B. polilloensis, B. luzonensis, and B. 'Peridot'. He had several nice ones that only had U-numbers as well. His other small viv. suitable begonias were cheaper.

Its $8 to get in and a nice walk around after you buy your plants.
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