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I am looking for some places I can go within a relatively short distance (less than 3 hours) of Portland, ME where I can see some nice viv setups, view some dart frogs and/or buy terrarium supplies (zoos, terr supply, botanical gardens, etc). I particularly would like to see setups--in person--with frogs and plants, and maybe even a place where I can buy stuff.

I know Black Jungle is within that distance, however they will be closed on the day in question so I need to find something else.

I would also be interested to know; are there any hobbiests in the aforementioned area with tads or froglets available/forthcoming? I am in the process of planning a large paludarium (long-term) and possibly a smaller vivarium (short-term) and would like to know what my local options are. The cost of froggies from the larger breeders (not to mention shipping costs!) is a little prohibitive at the moment, so if I can find someone locally who has some breeding frogs maybe I can work something out that is more affordable...

Thanks in advance for the info!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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