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Hello all!
This will be my first constructed vivarium, I've been in the hobby a long time, but have never constructed a full show vivarium. So, in short, here it is.

I started with a 65 gallon breeder tank that I picked up at the local pet store that I work at, Dimensions 36" x 18" x 24" and a used pine stand, got them both for pretty cheap, I have since sanded and re-stained the stand a dark walnut stain and finished with water based Polycrylic clear coat.
The tank is set to have roughly 8" of water in the bottom to house some small rasboras, Red Gularis Killifish, and some amano shrimp. The rest of the tank has been designed to house some Green Tree Frogs as well as my juvenile Peacock or "Argus" tree frog.

Below, I have constructed the false bottom section, which houses a pump which runs the drip wall (top left, some PVC can be seen) and I have siliconed my mopani driftwood to the glass and great stuff foamed around it.


Next, I have used an acrylic sealant and soaked some peat moss in it to make a paste, then I slathered just about everything with it to give the background a nice look/texture.


Next, I found any areas that I missed, and siliconed them with some more peat moss added to fill the gaps. I have also started construction of the vines which can be seen on the left side, I used polypropelene rope covered in silicone and peat moss as well. (I've used roughly 4 tubes of silicone so far :rolleyes:)

I have yet to fill the rest of the background with said vines. I also plan on using that small gap between the false bottom land masses to house a small pump to aerate the water more for said fish, it will be housed within a removable false bottom piece, therefore concealing it.
The entire tank will be live planted, there will be Riccia, Java, Flame, Willow and Christmas moss mixed and growing from the background as well as some Orchids, Pepperomia, Broms. The ground/water region will house many anubias species, some crypts, Hygrophila angustifolia, Dwarf Saggitaria, Bolbidus fern, and some others, with a river sand substrate.
I have yet to decide if I want to run CO2 or not. Any suggestions or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
Enjoy, and I will be posting more updates very soon :)
-Jordan Kingsley
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