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Hey guys,

I just ordered a Auratus. It is descended from the same import (lineage) as the ones I currently keep and breed, but has a different parentage. So, my intent is to raise this 'new' auratus and pair it off with one of the offspring from my current breeding group to promote genetic diversity amongst the offspring.

I know this is not a novel practice, so someone must have some advice on how I can differentiate the 'new' guy from the 'old'? What I am currently planning is putting the 'new' one in a tank with 2 or 3 with the 'old' genetics, taking photos of them, and raising them to adulthood together, keeping track of the frog w/ 'fresh DNA' based on his coloration. Any other ideas of how to do this? ...I'd prefer not to segregate my new frog by itself in a sweaterbox until it reaches adulthood...

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