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Keeping Pumilio

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Hi everyone,
Is it a bad idea to keep more than one pair of pums in a tank? Also, on the recent imports, how many of them are coming in with worms? Would you give them a course of panacure or do you think they would be clean? Thanks.

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I think it is better to keep a pair in each tank. The males are pretty territorial. They are coming in pretty clean, a friend of mine did a fecal on his, and didnt find anything. Dr. Frye also did fecals on pumilio, I think they were for the U. Mich. study but I am not sure, and they came out pretty clean.
I was in a hurry last night when I replied. I agree with homer that it is a bad idea to assume they dont have parastites. I havent gotten anydone on mine because mine have good body weight and are active, but I will probably get some fecals done soon. It is a good idea to get fecals done.
it is also a good idea to have lots of springtails ready in case they start losing weight, as some of the farmraised pumilio arent eating flies.
Thanks for clearing that up saulosiRDS
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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