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Keeping Pumilio

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Hi everyone,
Is it a bad idea to keep more than one pair of pums in a tank? Also, on the recent imports, how many of them are coming in with worms? Would you give them a course of panacure or do you think they would be clean? Thanks.

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In response to Gecko Guys post. The frogs Dr Frye did fecals on were for a project of a associate of ours at Michigan State University and the initial fecals that were run found almost nothing in them. All of these frogs were collected with educational permits and were not fom the "frog Farming'' group of frogs that are now being imported.

A later fecal found some stuff but still not the load levels that would be expected in wild caught frogs.

Almost all the color forms that were brought in are either breeding or have froglets out of the water already.

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