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Keeping Pumilio

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Hi everyone,
Is it a bad idea to keep more than one pair of pums in a tank? Also, on the recent imports, how many of them are coming in with worms? Would you give them a course of panacure or do you think they would be clean? Thanks.

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It's a bad idea to assume that the farm-raised pumilio are coming in clean--that certainly was not the experience that at least one of my friends had with his recently imported pumilio a few months ago. I believe he bought about 12+, and had some that were not gaining weight.

He sent Dr. Maus some fecals, and they definitely DID have a parasite load. After the course of treatments and confirmation fecals, I have to tell you that his pumilio definitely look much more robust. If you are going to pay $100+ for a frog, I would recommend paying the $10 per frog to have fecals run.
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