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Hello All,
I've posted some videos of my breeding D. auratus "campana" trio before but never pictures of my two kahlua and creme auratus. I honestly don't know if they are K&C, they were previously owned by a shady figure who advertised them as kahlua and cremes but I wouldn't trust it as a good source... for that I keep them separate from my campana group... but any opinions?

Interesting note: the possible K&C group are accurate jumpers, excellent climbers, and hide in top bromeliads, hiding spots at the top of the viv. etc. It's hard to tell but you can see the one hop down from the very top on the right side of the vivarium. The campana group is clumsy, poor climbers and rarely venture to any height... but awesome none the less.

The video goes out of focus a few times, my apologies, but I think there's a few times during the videos where you can see their coloration well. Hope you enjoy.

D. auratus K&C - YouTube
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