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Just found! 6eggs, 5developing, 1tad

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All these in one film canister from my R. ventrimaculatus. All this from frogs that survived accidentally getting shipped into 104 degree heat and 3 escaping! Hardy little buggers. These are from the long standing Understory Line. I'm happy to be continueing it. I plan to offer these froglets FREE to DB members if I'm able to raise them as a way of saying thanks to the Board for all the help I've gotten from the board and it's members.
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Woohoo Doug ! I never seem to grow tired or egg and tad reports !

How about some pictures?
Congrad's. I will take 2 if you want to give them away. I'm in the NYC area. lol
Congrats! Always a great feeling to find eggs from a new pair :D
Congrad's. I will take 2 if you want to give them away. I'm in the NYC area. lol
If you're willing to cover the shipping!
i'd totally take a couple of your hands as well! You wouldnt happen to live close to Arizona would you??
great find!! Any pictures of the proud parents?
Actually I'm not too far from AZ, I live in El Paso Texas, about 5 hrs drive from Tuscon.

I do have some pics of the parents. About to head out to dinner but I'll post them when time allows.
Well it looks like the 1 free swimming tad didn't make it. I suspect stress from being transfered to the deli cup. The 5 developing eggs are doing great, 3 look about ready to hatch, 2 are developing nicely. The 6 other eggs that you seen in the picture all started turning fuzzy and white so I removed them.
Congrats man im jealous they are deff a frog i would like to get soon gotta make some room for another viv or sell some of my other
What an exciting find! Good luck with them! :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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