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How many of you are going to the St. Louis show on June 20th? Are there going to be alot of poison dart frog vendors? I like smaller anoles and geckos also, because I heard they can be kept with the bigger species of dart frogs (tincs)? Is that true, and would it be worth it to make it over to that show? It would be about a 3-3.5hr trip for me?

Chris Pyle

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June 20th show in St. Louis

Hi, this show generally doesnt attract a lot of vendors with this sort of selection. I am almost always the only vendor there with many dart frogs, and I dont bring any rare frogs to this show. Perhaps I am unfair in my attitude, but ten years of living in this area has led me to believe that most folks around here are not that interested in geckos other than leopard geckos, and frogs other than the common and, most importantly, cheap.
There are exceptions of course, and over the past couple of years the interest has grown here, as it has through out the country. However despite the fact that St. Louis is a major city, (I think!) I ship ten times more frogs to Lawrence Kansas, or Tampa Florida, in a year than I sell here locally.
On the bright side, there are going to as many as four or five vendors with a great selection of geckos, some of which you will never see any where else. If you like geckos, I would come just for that, as I doubt these vendors will all be coming to each show, unfortunately I doubt the market here will support all of them.
It is a fairly large show, with something like eighty tables and fifty or more vendors.
Hope to see you there!

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