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Simply the best fruit fly cultures on the market today. But don't take our word for it, read what others are saying about our Fruit Fly Cultures in our Reviews Section.

We are the only fruit fly vendor to offer you Producing cultures (cultures that will start producing flies during the shipping to your door) in addition to the lowest price on Freshly Started cultures.

Need flies on a regular basis? Then sign up for our Fruit Fly Culture Subscription Program where freshly started cultures are only $3.49!

Freshly Started Black or Golden Hydei and Wingless Melanogaster only $3.99 each.

Producing cultures are only $6.99 each, 4/$22.99, 6/$32.99, 10/$49.99

Order today at: Fruit Fly Culture- Fruit Flies and Culturing Supplies- Josh's Frogs

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