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Personally, I see these advantages to Java Moss if you have any sort of water feature in your tank and adequate lighting (although pillow moss will also require adequate lighting):

1) Most Dicranium I have seen sold is collected from the wild, and all manner of organisms come in on it. I have centipedes that take over the one tank in which I have this stuff, and I'm convinced it came in on this.

2) Java is tough enough that you can mix a 1 part bleach, 4 part water solution and soak for 20-30 minutes, rinse very well multiple times, and it will absolutely still grow like gangbusters.

3) Java will eventually cover your Dicranium moss and choke it out, as it sends up sporophytes (little spore heads) and launches spores all across your tank when it's happy, while I have had problems getting Dicranium to spread at all.

The only downside: if you want to see the rocks in your water feature, you'll have to thin out the Java eventually. :wink:

In the end, it's probably a personal decision as to how much luck you have with Dicranium, and how much you really like the look. I know people like Tom Popovich who can really get this stuff going like mad.
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