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It's done for the most part. **UPDATED**

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Web page has been updated too. It's done with the exception of the two pieces holding the door closed. Those are being laser cut tomorrow.

I'm thinking I can do away with the piece on the inside of the door. I will still have a small piece about 3-4" long on the opposite side of the hinges to act as a door stop so it doesn't swing through to the inside though. I'm also going to try out using rare earth magnets to keep it closed, I think that would be pretty nice and work very well. Like I said on the web page, the gap around the door is roughly .012" so sealing it seems like a waste of acrylic to me as the holes in the mesh are 3 times as big and those are only 0.8mm! :shock: let me know what you think.

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That is beautiful!...Uh Paul...since it's a new product, I believe that there should be some form of stress test and some free consumer product trials...I have a "facility" and all the time to give it some extremely serious testing.. :lol:

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