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Isopods attacking frogs

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Are there any documented instances of isopods attacking frogs? Josh's frogs mentions it for everything above the size of "dwarf". I'd like to get some larger isopods for my vivs (e.g. powder orange), but the warning gives me pause.
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Cool, I take the lack of response to mean that no one on the forum has actually seen this take place, which is a good sign. However, I am really curious about what conditions would produce this phenomenon. I assume that you simply have absolutely starving isopods, but since they will eat many different types of decaying organic material, the viv would have to be particularly bare.
Wow, that's very interesting. I'd like to see that.
I was considering putting Isopods in my exhibits, but decided just to stick with Springtails. Safer and the frogs, Morning Geckos can eat them as snacks.

Some people swear by them, i rather play it safer. Just my opinion.
That being said, I know people who have them with no problem.
I feel totally safe keeping dwarf isopods in the tank. They're all small enough to be consumed, and I haven't encountered any warnings about them. They may be worth considering for your exhibits.
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