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Is my Azureus ok?

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When i came home from college today, i found one of my azureus in his tank, he looked dehydrated, he was lethargic and he was almost grayish. I immediately splashed some cool water on him and he became vivid cobalt blue again. Then, to my shock, he climbed up onto a leaf and struck a pose.
Is he asking for more water? What should i do?
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I'd put a small dish of water in the viv in case he wants to soak. I'd also mist him and the viv really well.
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Done that, thanks, and i'll be keeping an eye on him over the next few days.
You might want to pull out the healthy one and leave the lethargic one in there so that you can monitor him.
Sounds like a suggestion, btw he seems to be recovering well, he's been eating, moving around more gradually etc.
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