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hey everybody, I just registered. I have been around the other forums for a long time, some people know me, some dont...just wanted to introduce myself on this forum...
My name is mark.
I currently keep
1.1 solid green pumilio
1.0 leucomelas
(I have had many different darts in the past, but recently downsized my collection)
(that's it for darts) I have different types of tree frogs as well.

I will post pics when I get home from work...

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welcome to the board...

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hey derek, cool to see you....
here is a pic of my old and last leucomelas left.... He is about 7 years old...

I have some of my gree pums, but it is from a camera phone, and hard to telll what they are :D So, I have to wait until my fiance' let's me borrow the digital camera. This pic of my leuc is also with the camera phone, but he is a little easier to get on film since he just sits there for me. I will have much better pics as soon as I get the digital camera....
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