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Ok, I have been meanig to pass along some info to the board about a site that is dedicated to preserving our rights to keep animals. I was told about this site from a friend, and haven't had the time to look it over completly myself... but I thought it would be worth mentioning at this time due to the current threads on the board about state laws for keeping darts and other exotics, as well as other larger problems like the ones that exist between hobbiest, USF&W, and so on. Check out the site, I am sure that it could help with some of the things people are interested in getting involved with. I also think that it is probably more on the same page with most hobbiest then the activists that are part of PETA. Just something that I thought people might be interested in.

International Herp Lobby

*This probably should be really located in the Lounge area, but since all the other threads with similar info are here, I thought I would put it here.*
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