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THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! We promised everyone if we hit 100+ fans within 1 week of us starting a Facebook page, we'd have a $4 shipping sale for any US location. It only took about 4 days!
We really, really appreciate it. :)
$4.00 shipping goes from 6/1/11 - 6/6/11, so get your orders in ASAP!

What's better than super cheap shipping? Super cheap shipping on stupid nice Bromeliads!

Neoregelia 'Born of Fire', Neoregelia 'Echo', and Neoregelia 'June Night'. All three are hard to find, and 'Echo' is just ridiculous.

We've got only a handful of these! These will not be available for a while after they sell out - First come first served!

Otherwise just about every other Bromeliad is IN STOCK & ready to ship. :)

On top of all that, we've also got some new products available.

I finally got around to adding Repashy's nifty new fly media to the site. We've been experimenting with it and I like it quite a bit. It's best with active yeast (in our experience), and we will add some in for FREE on anyone's order. :)

What's better than rock bottom prices on new Repashy fly media + free yeast? Now our fly breeding kits are available with Repashy's media at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Starting very soon we'll be offering all of our flies on your choice of our media or Repashy's media. Give us a little time on that one, tho. ;)

The last new item isn't really "dart frog" related, but I'm guessing at least a few froggers (besides me) keep arboreal geckos, too... $44.99 SHIPPED plus just about anything on the site will ship along with it for FREE. :eek: I'm really liking those things lately. Cheap, simple, and easy to clean.

Anyways - Thanks again everyone. If there's ever anything Kate and I can do for you, don't hesitate to email us. We'll do our absolute best.
-Mike @ New England Herpetoculture

OH! And if the new update doesn't show up on your screen - just hit refresh!


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Any other types of plants ?
Sure! We've got dozens of different species, and most aren't Bromeliads. The main live terrarium plant menu is HERE.

Other newer plants that are back in stock this month are Dischidia Ovata, Heart Fern, and all the other Neoregelias & Tillandsias. (We've got about 10 species of Neoregelias that are our "usual" stock, not including the 3 new ones.)

We are now SOLD OUT of N. 'Echo', (thank you!) and we're just about sold out of N. 'June Night'! We still have a few N 'Born of Fire' left, but I doubt they'll be here too long.

Thanks again everyone!
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