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NEHERP Live Moss Slurry: 25% Off Original Price, 15% Off Intro Prices!

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Live Neoregelia Pups: 15% Off (As low as $5.09/ea!)

NEHERP LDL (Lightweight Drainage Layer) Substrate: Just $4.99/gal!

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Ghostwood Accents: Starting at $3.83/ea
Ghostwood Straights: Starting at $6.99/ea
NEHERP Vertical Conversion Kits: Available To Insiders Only
Kent Black Water Expert Extract: $5.99/ea
NEHERP Glass Inserts for Exo Terra and now Zoo Med Enclosures: Starting At $9.99/ea
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It's been quite some time since NEHERP advertised on Dendroboard, or pretty much anywhere... The NEHERP team had an incredibly crazy 10 months or so, and have some of the details in our most recent newsletter. It's incredible to think we've been servicing the vivarium & herp hobby now for 8 years, and we can't thank the community enough for supporting our small family-owned business!

Thanks again & we look forward to working with you,
Mike & Jessica S.

PS: Never worked with us before? Check out our Vendor Feedback, here on Dendroboard. We never let our clients down!

If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected] or call/text (203)768-3414 instead of responding to this thread. We don't check Dendroboard as often as we check emails or voicemails, and we'd hate to keep you waiting!



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