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Imitator Tank Ideas

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I got to pick up 3 Imitators today, they are 6 weeks old and have a bit of growing to do. I plan on getting another 3 in a couple weeks I'm trying to decide what size tank to put them in. I would like to get something big enough for them to raise their own tads and limit fighting. Would a 29 gallon be about right or does anyone have any other suggestions?


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If you're going to have the tank in it's intended orientation (top up), consider going with a 37 gallon, which has the same footprint, but is taller, which the imitators definatly make use of.
I don't know what prices are like in you're area, but at the place I get tanks the 37 is only 5 dollars more.
A 29 would work fine though, but I probably wouldn't put them all in there together until they put on some size.
Have fun!
My imitator are in pairs in smaller vivs. I have one pair in a 15 high vert and there are two froglets in with them right now, they raised themselves.Im my other viv that's a 20 high vert I have a 2.2 but it will soon be down to a 1.1 in there also.
It 's up to you and I have heard of people have good luck with groups but in my situation even a 1.2 hasn't been good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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