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Mine are very shy, I need to move them to a room that is more busy. Right now they are in my bedroom, and run an hide when someone comes in the room. I've heard just what we have heard here, mixed results, maybe we should start comparing the environments they are in?

1. Temps
2. Tank size
3. Busy room or not
4. Humidity
5. Food
6. Type of plants in tank?

Mine are these:
1. 68-76
2. 15gal high
3. not a busy room
4. 90%+
5. Small ffs
6. Mine has a few small broms, and a couple leafy plants in the bottom, but not dense by any means.

Mine are not bold as I said.

Mark Wilson said:
Hi All,
I was wondering how shy your imitators are? I have had some since October of 2002.Mine have never been what you would call bold.They are nothing like say my bicolors are.The imis will hide when I open the lid to feed them and they don't come out sometimes for about 1/2 hour.
They have bred for me and the humidity is right but I can't say they are bold frogs.What is everyones elses opinion on them? On a bold and shy scale I can go with this: My bicolors are so bold you can almost touch them before the move.I have some kahlua and cream auratus that you can get to within about 5' of the tanks and they scatter,the imis are inbetween.How do everyone elses compare?
Mark W.
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