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okay ... so there are a million threads asking to sex certain frogs, and if i was quickdraw mcgraw w/ my camera, i'd have one as well, but the little boogers are fast!

so here's my question ... i have a handful of ranitomeya of different species, and think i have a handle of sexing them based on body shape, but some are just confusing me.

i've noticed that my vents, amazonica, and lamasi are pretty easy to tell. the males have a nice sleek aerodynamic look like a sports car, and the females start the same way, but end up with nice, curvy hips.

my variabilis, on the other hand, are all shaped like little bullets with legs. their whole body seems to be cylindrical without much difference unless the frogs are side by side.

i have a probable pair of Varaderos (even more probable now that i heard one of them playing call/response with the lamasi saturday morning) and they are shaped a lot like the vents/lamasi. my nominal imitators, on the other hand, are both chunkier little lumps like the variabilis? have you guys noticed that nominal imitators have even imitated the body shape of variabilis? or are my nominals just fatties and i need to slim them out a bit to be able to tell? i bought them as a suspected 0.2, but i swear i heard 3 different calls the other day and am suspicious that one of those females could be a male.

any ideas/help? the call i heard sounds just like the lamasi, but is a tad bit lower in pitch. wasn't sure if it was the same frog feeling manlier, or it was the imitator?

thanks in advance, i'll continue to try to get pics taken.

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