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hi group
im from Spain (Europe), im 17, i have some aquariums with killifish i did my vivarium (17,17 gallons i think) 65 litres, (im going tu pot some photos of them ) and i want to do some questions:
i want to put some d.azureus, and d.amazonicus, it can possible? (i have some experiencie with anfibians)
the are dificult for breeding?
how many can i have, each specie?
i have his food:drosophila melanogaster/funebris, colempolla sp. (an spanish specie), and i want to fedd some little ants (if can possible) and spieders, mosquitos etc.
the temperature is in day 22,5ºc and in the night 21ºc
the humidity is 90%
if you want my msn address : [email protected]

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Hello, and welcome to the board!

My first recommendation would be to get the 2 species and keep them separate until you know how each act, with out the stress of another species in the same tank, but if you want to do it here is what I would do.
The volume of the tank is smaller than what I would mix species in, but what are the dimensions of your tank? I like to give the frogs a lot of room, so for something like this I would build a tank around 30" long, 16" to 20" deep, and 24" high. I would only put 1 or 2 pairs of each species in the tank, and then you will have to watch them very closely to make sure everyone is behaving normal and getting along. The food sounds good, but watch what spiders and ants you feed.

Humidity and temps look good. You could even raise the temp to 25C during the day.

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ok thanks
my tank is 50 long x 40 tall x 30 (cm) ok, i m going to put one trio of one specie (i think that azureus or tictorius french guyana) the d.amazonicus is difficult for breeding?
the ants and spiders is species from here, from the country , (i know one land where i can caught my fish food where are many spiders (because there are many mosquitos) and there are a little red ants in my garden and some ... (i dont know the word in encglish) its an insect that is in the tails of the plants
if you want one that speak spanish for colombia's and costarica's species , speak with me!
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