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WOO HOO!!! :D That is the best way that I can describe what I am hearing. I am pretty sure that my intermedius have started calling!! To me it sounds like a noise you would hear when you do something wrong on your computer. :lol: Maybe I am just a weirdo though. Does anyone have an intermedius call recorded? Also how is anyone working with these turning their film canisters? I read on Tor's site that they should be completely upside down. Is anyone having luck with that on these guys? I just had to share, I LOVE that funky little chirp!


My intermedius and imitator have very close sounding calls..
I have a call on my site: Imiator call
It's on the bottom of the page

Edit: Do to nine years of working with power tools all day, I will be the first to say I can't hear the best.
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