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The Central Illinois Herpetological Society is not supporting SB3264 which will place all boas and pythons on the Illinois Dangerous Animal List. Currently the only amphibians listed are Marine and Colorado River Toads. To keep these species (and other non herps), a Dangerous Animal Permit must be obtained which requires:

• Name, address, date of birth, permit number, telephone number, type/species of the animal and the date the animal is to be acquired;

• Provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $100,000 for each dangerous animal (and up to $1,000,000) to be maintained during the term of the permit; and

• Pay a $250 annual permit fee.

To read the full bill please see:

SB3264 was assigned to committee on 2/7/2012. The Agricultural and Conservation Committee is made up of 10 members, one of which represents most of the CIHS membership. Below you will find a list of membership along with their district office phone numbers. When calling remain professional, state your objections, and stay to the topic at hand.

Chairperson: Michael W. Frerichs 217-355-5252

Vice-Chairperson: A.J. Wilhelmi 815-207-4445

Member: Linda Holmes 815-609-3711

Member: Toi W. Hutchinson 708-756-0882

Member: David Koehler 309-346-4646

Member: Martain A. Sandoval 708-656-2002

Minority Spokesperson: Wm. Sam McCann 217-854-4441

Member: John O. Jones 618-242-9511

Member: Kyle McCarter 618-654-4068

Member: Sue Rezin 815-220-8720
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